Food Aayush: Identification of Food and Oils Quality


Food is an essential parameter that plays a crucial role in the survival of humans. It is also significant in depicting a country’s culture. Healthy, nutritious, and high-quality food results in a better lifestyle and develops a person’s immunity and health. Correspondingly, the consumption of low-quality food, which might be deprived of nutritional value, negatively impacts a person’s health and makes them susceptible to various diseases. There is a persistent complaint in India, in any civic body-related food section about the quality of meals available. Likewise, the oil quality is also an essential factor while cooking any meal as it affects the taste of food, and the use of rancid oils in cooking may also be harmful to health. Therefore, the quality of oil used in frying the food must be monitored. Its continuous exposure to relatively high temperatures results in degradation of its merit. This study aims to build an application to determine the food quality and detect repeated frying on cooking oil based on its visual properties. Classification of food items is done based on time left for consumption, edibility, condition, color, and rancidity. The food items are additionally classified as stale or usable using artificial intelligence algorithms based on the images acquired through a smartphone’s camera.

In International Conference on Intelligent Emerging Methods of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing
Naren Khatwani
Naren Khatwani
Ph.D Student and Researcher